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Signs It’s Time for House Extensions or Renovations

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or have lived in your property for many years, it’s only natural to want things your way. Styles will shift with time, as will your situation, and it’s not unfair to expect your home to cater to these changing needs. House extensions, renovations, garage conversions and refurbishments give you the chance to think about your living space before calling a team of domestic and commercial builders to put your plan into action. At Craft Joinery & Building Ltd, we undertake a vast range of building services, including bathroom and kitchen renovations, across the Warrington area.

Our team also constructs garden rooms, giving you valuable living space away from the main house. What better way to make your home work for you than with a bespoke bar, gym, office, playroom or other space?

Furthermore, as commercial building contractors, we complete various works for business sector clients, including commercial refurbishments.

Do You Need Our Services?

Below, we cover some of the more pressing signs that it’s time to call in the renovation experts.

  • Tired and Outdated Installations

  • Water Ingress

  • Lack of Space

  • Do You Avoid Certain Rooms?

Tired Installations

Wear and tear will naturally occur, playing havoc with grouting, floors, bathroom tiles and woodwork. Carpets can become slippery and discoloured, and you might even have trouble with the plaster or paintwork. In addition, older homes tend to lose heat due to inefficient doors, windows and heating systems. House renovations, garage conversions and commercial refurbishments can eliminate these problems, making your property more thermally efficient for savings throughout the year.

Remember that your kitchen is the heart of the home. For this reason, it’s often smart to prioritise kitchen renovations before moving on to other parts of the property.

This is also relevant for businesses throughout the areas we cover. Why not talk to our commercial building contractors about updating your staff canteen?

Water Entry

Damp patches on the ceilings and walls indicate a severe need for repairs, but beyond that, they serve as warning signs that it’s time to renovate. The roof must protect your property in Warrington or the nearby areas from wind and rain, and failure to do so will allow moisture to enter. Our EPDM roofing from Firestone affords superior leak prevention with a long lifespan, featuring a minimum guarantee of 25 years.

Space Issues

Space is always highly sought after, so many of us settle for properties that fail to offer the space we need. However, a congested lifestyle will eventually cause problems, making it hard to stay focused at work or bring new family members into the home. As experienced domestic and commercial builders, we perform loft and garage conversions, as well as house extensions, to give our customers more space.

Our company also builds custom garden rooms to provide exactly what you need. Are you longing for a peaceful workspace, area to entertain, room for your hobbies or some other space? Whatever you have in mind, we make it happen.

You Avoid Certain Rooms

Do you have a guest bedroom that you prefer to avoid? You might own a spacious yet damaged garage or spend as little time in the bathroom as humanly possible. Instead of making do with the unsightly rooms you have, consider how kitchen renovations, bathroom refurbishments and garage conversions can improve your life. By speaking with our builders about your needs, you can understand why you dislike a particular space and transform it with a fresh design that speaks to your tastes.

Renovations and refurbishments bring your property in the Warrington area up to date and protect it from the elements. From house extensions and garden rooms to commercial refurbishments, Craft Joinery & Building Ltd offers all services under a single umbrella, doing away with the stress commonly associated with domestic and commercial improvements. Contact our domestic builders and commercial building contractors today.

Whether you need house extensions or other work in Warrington or further afield, call our expert builders on 01928 775 990 or 07958 473 567.


Craft Joinery & Building Ltd, Bridgewater House, Old Coach Road, Runcorn, WA7 1QT


Craft Joinery & Building Ltd is a proud member of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). All FMB members must:

  1. Meet strict qualifying criteria.

  2. Commit to a stringent Code of Conduct.

  3. Have a minimum 12-month trading history, public liability insurance and be subject to a strict vetting process.

Craft Joinery & Building Ltd can offer you a contract on your work and a warranty from FMB Insurance Services, assuring you of a better building experience.